Private Beta testing phase | Coronavirus (Covid-19) support

We are currently in private beta phase and doing frequent deployments. FInal version is expected to go live in early 2023. If you identify any issues please contact us via our support page.

Check for Covid-19 travel restrictions. Travel rules are continously changing in each region so its important you understand these before making a booking. Read more

Covid-19 Update

Updated: 24/09/2020

Tripamix is only working with travel partners who have been procedures in place to assure they are meeting the satisfactory health and safety requirements for customer wellbeing.

Our employees including customer service team are set up remotely where they are still available to support you 24/7 with any queries coming through via social media or direct customer support.

We are encouraging our partners to be flexible with their cancellation rules applied in order to give you peace of mind when making bookings.

As travel requirements are continuously changing its important our customers take time to understand the rules which could affect them and their travel arrangements.